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Looking for a new car to buy? Want an excellent car loan suited for you at a great interest rate?  Let us find you an excellent car loan at a great rate. Apply online today or call us and find out what your available options are and which low rate car loans you can qualify for. Our team of specialised lenders and car loan brokers are ready to organise your car loan, boat loan, motorbike loan, and general asset finance etc. Get in touch, tell us what type of finance you need, and we will organise it for you fast and at a great rate. 

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Our Finance Broking Services

Simply give us a call and we will organise your finance as soon as possible at a great rate. Most of our car and equipment finances are approved within 24 hours and generally settled within 2-3 days once all the required documents are provided. That means you get your finance fast.


Car Loan

Are you looking for a simple car loan solution? Want a car loan fast? Action car loan experts can help. Our specialised car loan experts will finalise your car finance fast and at a great rate. Got a question? Contact us and one of our car loan experts will assist you ASAP.

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Boat Loan

We help passionate sailors with boat financing with the lowest rates available. We work closely with each clients to find the best options available from them. It’s never been easier to find a great rate. Get in touch with us today.

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Truck Loan

Thinking of buying a truck for your new business? Get your truck loan hassle free, and at a great rate. This is a great option for new driver owners looking for some flexibility. Get in touch with our truck loan experts to find out the options available to you.


Asset & Equipment Loan

We help clients with Project Financing with the lowest rates possible. Want to buy equipment for your business? Simply call us and find out what your asset finance options are. Get in touch with us today for your next asset finance.

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Business Loan

We make getting business finance easy and hassle free. Talk to one of our business loan experts and find out the rate and the amount your can borrow. you can save over the course of the loan by simply choosing the right finance option. 

Credit Assessment

Short term/ Customised Loan

Are you looking for a simpler solution? Leveraged financing option is meant to be a quick easy finance option for short term specific situation. For more information, contact us and our finance brokers will assist you fas.

All about us

Your Car Loan and Asset Finance Expert


Since 2014 we’ve been working diligently to help our clients successfully finance their cars, businesses, asset, and homes in Sydney. We have now extended our services  to clients Australia wide, seeking car, boat, motorbike, equipment, general asset, and business finance. There’s a lot to consider when you are searching for your financing options or refinancing an existing loan. Action Car Loan is here to provide the most professional guidance possible for all your car, boat, equipment, or business finance.


We offer a variety of financial services, and stay with our clients throughout the entire process to make sure that all their financing needs are met as best as possible. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you.

Car and Asset
Finance Range

We compare and choose from over 100 car loan and asset finance products from a panel of over 35+ different lenders.

Experienced Brokers

Our experienced car loan brokers and asset finance brokers have excellent past results and have helped thousands of happy clients buy their dream cars and arranged necessary finance for their businesses and properties.

Fast Loan

We understand that time is of the essence and we value our clients' time, therefore, we have a sense of urgency with fast turn times so that, you can get your finance fast.

Free Phone

We believe in the best customer service. Simply call us if you have any questions regarding your car loan, boat loan, or asset finance and we will happily answer.

Reasons to use our service

Why should I use you over a bank?

We as experienced finance brokers give our clients variety of finance choices so that, it fits their condition and objective perfectly. So you won't have to run around to different lenders to get the most suitable deal. Also our streamlined process and years of experience makes it fast and easy to get the required funding.

Which lenders do you have access to?

We work with a panel of lenders consists of all the major banks and hundreds of second and third tier lenders who specialises in various types of lending over different asset classes. No matter how big or how small, whatever finance you are looking for we have got you covered.

What services do you offer?

We organise car loan, boat loan, truck loan, van loan, aircraft loan, equipment loan, commercial loan, business loan, personal loan etc. We find out the best finance options for our clients and work with them all the way to secure the loan and finalise the settlement as soon as possible.

So how do you work with the clients?

Simply contact us or give us a call. You will have a quick chat with one of our experienced finance broker to asses your finance needs and objectives. Once you are pre-qualified, the broker will email you the list of information and documents required to provide official offers or products by various lenders. Once you reply back we will quickly verify the information and documents. The broker will contact you and explain the best possible options available. Once you are happy with a particular product  or offer, we will approach the lender and make the application and get the required funding ASAP.

Contact us

Reaching us should never be a problem. Contact us today and tell us all about your car financing needs and we will organise it ASAP.

Main Office: 25-26/ 1 Adept Lane, Bankstown, NSW 2200

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